Personal Piano Lessons

Piano lessons with Shoko help students find fun and interest in piano. Lessons are approached from many different sides, focusing on building a strong foundation of technique, emotional expression, ear training, music theory and more. Students can feel the connection between the piano and the music. Sensing that connection opens their eyes to creativity. 

Students, both children (5+) and adults, of all ability levels are welcome! There is special pricing for additional family members.
Please contact me with any questions.

Free trial lessons are available.

Lesson Pricing


30 Minute Lessons

60 Minute Lessons

1 lesson at a time



4 lessons in advance



8 lessons in advance

$240 (save $40)

$460 (save $100)

Scheduling / Cancellation Policy

I understand that schedules can change suddenly. If you need to reschedule a lesson, please contact me as early as possible.
In the event of an emergency, lessons must be cancelled by midnight the previous day in order to reschedule.

Lessons not cancelled/rescheduled will be forfeit.